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Google Continue to Evolve Their Online Marketing Strategy

Google lead the way when it comes to proving that change is good

Online Marketing NewsWhen it comes to creating a successful online marketing strategy, change can be a good thing. Last year it was Facebook and YouTube and this year it is the turn of search engine giants Google to spruce up their homepage with a fresh-looking design and new navigational features. The new design, set to launch over the next few weeks is simple and stylish. Featuring a menu box on the left hand-side of the page, the new design contains nicely illustrated search options for a plethora of Google services. With an easy to use navigation system and a sleek new look, it looks set to change the way we use and search on Google. As Google have proved, every website in the world has to make changes and making changes to your online marketing strategy can make a big difference to your site traffic. Whether it is the addition of new pages or a completely new web design, a fresh new look or feel can give your business and your online presence a real boost. With the Internet constantly evolving, it is crucial to keep up to date with the latest trends. From social media to video content, there are so many online marketing tools at your disposable. Taking advantage of them is a great way to spruce up your website. From adding twitter feeds to video testimonials, the smallest changes can make a big, big difference. Just days into the New Year, it is a fantastic time to start considering making changes on your website for the better. With the long and dreary January days upon us, there is no better time to start a new online marketing project.
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