Online Marketing Tips: Using E-commerce

How the e-commerce trend can be good for your online marketing presence.

Despite the fact that the recession shows no sign of letting up, the number of consumers taking part in a little online retail therapy continues to show a steady growth. So what better way to take your online marketing campaign to a new level than by dipping your toe into the pond of e-commerce? To put it simply, e-commerce is basically an online shop, and as well as providing a convenient platform to internet savvy shoppers and even those who can’t make regular trips out, it offers your business a valuable way of optimising your presence in Google. After an initial set up and design that reinforces your company’s image and branding, ethical SEO can be used to further target your keywords and see your company work its way up the ranks of Google. Given the popularity of the e-commerce platform, it comes as no surprise that newer niche outlets have begun to emerge and have even gone mobile. Programmes like Wildfire and apps like Foursquare have given e-commerce a whole new personality by offering coupons, competitions and prizes to those who, for example, “check in” to a company’s premises at a certain time of day. Not only is this a great source of fun that will make your fans realise how easygoing your brand can be, but the exposure it provides is a sure fire way to garner more followers and, therefore, more sales! Even Facebook has gotten in on the act with a “Facebook shop” feature that saves fans the trouble of having to move onto a businesses website to make a purchase. Are you interested in building a shiny new online shop? Or just optimising one that you have built already? Whatever your needs, Monkeyfish Marketing’s expert team are here to make all of your e-commerce dreams a reality.

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