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With online shopping continuing to thrive, it is more important than ever for businesses to reinforce their online marketing campaign with a fantastic e-commerce service. Now, we can’t deny that it will help your e-commerce marketing strategy to employ unique or even niche techniques, but increasingly, presenting a unique service can involve something as simple as providing fantastic customer service, a move that many businesses overlook in pursuit of something too standout. Take a look at the tips below and grow your online marketing campaign with great e-commerce customer service.

1) Clearly display your contact details. Having your company’s contact details – especially your phone number – displayed prominently throughout your website will make potential customers feel much more secure. It shows that you are available to speak to when queries or problems arise, and most importantly, that you are a business that can be trusted.

2) Choose a decent shipping service. Some businesses find out the hard way that cheap shipping services are cheap for a reason, losing valuable custom in the long run! Choosing a trustworthy shipping service on the other hand not only shows that you take pride in your customer service, but will ensure that consumers receive their goods without any problems.

3) Tailor a good returns policy. Offer a great returns policy and customers are bound to pass the good news on to their friends. After all, you yourself have probably experienced how frustrating it is when a brand skirts around returns or displays woolly guidelines on their e-commerce site. A good returns policy will pay you back tenfold with not only great recommendations, but increased conversion rates too.

4) Apologise for your mistakes. One of the best possible tactics for improving e-commerce customer service and customer relationships is to admit to your mistakes and apologise to the consumer involved. A dissatisfied visitor will tell an average of 13 friends about their bad experience, a number that might not seem that large now but has the potential to inflict a hugely negative impact on your company.

5) Enter for awards. If you know that your clients are impressed with your customer service, then don’t be afraid to nominate your business for an award or two! Mention it throughout your online marketing platforms – whether it be your own website or social media pages – and ask your satisfied customers to vote for you. Having an award’s logo displayed proudly on your website can do wonders for your brand and after all, after putting all of that effort in it’s only right to show it off! Would you like to know more about how Monkeyfish Marketing could grow your e-commerce website and help you deliver fantastic customer service? Contact our friendly online marketing team using the buttons below!

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