Online Marketing Tips For A Successful Website.

Online marketing tips: nailing a successful website.

The world of online marketing might be big, wide and ever changing, but the most important thing to remember is not to forget the small stuff - especially your website! 1. Make sure you include high resolution images. Clients and even journalists may need to download a high resolution image from your website for a blog or news article, so why not host them? Websites like can store any image in one easily accessible location, without you even having to register for an account. 2. Write a detailed “About Us” section. Brands that don’t include an ‘About Us’ tab on their website are effectively leaving visitors in the dark. Add a human element to your website by letting potential customers know how you started out, how you progressed, what makes your products and services so special and by including a 'Meet the Team' section that introduces them to employees. 3. Help customers to locate your premises. Our online marketing team often find one word springing to mind when we click on a website’s ‘Find Us’ section: “map.” Easily accessible, scrollable and printable, they’re the perfect way to help customers find your premises while avoiding the confusion that comes with trying to put directions into paragraphs of text. 4. Test your site on a smartphone. With the buzz around smartphone browsing dominating many online marketing companies, being aware of how your website appears on one is more important than ever. Surprisingly, of 400 small businesses polled by software firm Serif 74% hadn’t designed a mobile version of their website, a move that could see potential customers fleeing from a poorly rendered page. 5. List the individual contact details of employees. The key is to treat every browser who wants to get in touch as a potential customer. Instead of merely providing the details of your sales team, make it easy for site visitors to contact the correct member of staff in their desired department by listing the email address and direct phone number of all employees. 6. Basically, be comprehensive. Basically, what we are trying to say is that a website would get you nowhere without being comprehensive. From using concise, jargon-free language to listing all of your contact details, full company story and every product and service you provide, keep customers coming back by making their experience as stress-free and easy to navigate as possible. Monkeyfish Marketing are one of the fastest growing online marketing companies in the United Kingdom. Would you like to know more about building the perfect website or optimising your site in Google? Speak to our online marketing team on 01282 504 730.

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