Online Marketing Tips for Successful E-commerce

November 12, 2012
Michael Rowley

Our online marketing team share their tips for e-commerce

It’s the dream of many businesses to have a website that makes customers just want to buy from them. A successful e-commerce site demands hard work and clever techniques. As an online marketing company, we’ve put together a few tips to help you on your way.

Be the customer – We all love a website that makes finding things easy for us, no matter what it’s about. Making products and services accessible will give people a feeling of satisfaction from their website experience. Additional touches such as suggested products will not only be seen as a helpful gesture by the customer, but could also provide you with more sales opportunities.

Let people know – There’s no point in working hard on a great looking website that’s perfect for e-commerce if nobody’s going to see it. Make sure you market your website to both new and existing customers and consider collecting email addresses on your site, sending your contacts a newsletter with information about your business promotions, products and services. A great way to improve your website’s visibility is to optimise it and submit it to major search engines like Google – something we, as an online marketing company, will be able to help you with.

Easy payment process – Nowadays there’s so many ways in which customers can pay for things on the web and, to make the payment process easier for customers, your site should have a number of them. You can accept credit card payments with both a PayPal account and an online account.

These tips are just a few pieces of the puzzle when it comes to creating a successful e-commerce venture. MonkeyFish Marketing are a leading online marketing company. We offer a comprehensive service for clients looking for e-commerce platforms and optimisation that are sure to help you make money.

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