Online Marketing Tips: Landing Pages

Our online marketing team share their tips for landing pages...

Getting traffic to your website is often a concern for most businesses and when you delve deeper into the world of online marketing and start looking at techniques such as email marketing, you'll want to make sure your knowledge of the internet and your consumers is tip top. Even if you're creating killer email marketing campaigns, you can still loose customers when they hit your landing page. Even though they've read your email and are interested in what you've got to say - if your landing page doesn't convert then what's the point? Take a look at our tips to spot common mistakes and minimise the loss of potential leads. Keep it simple When a customer clicks through to your landing page, the first thing they often notice is the headline. The headline must stay consistent with the style that brought them to the page in the first place but must be simple and to the point so your marketing message is backed up appropriately. Why not play up the urgency or keywords? Aim for a smart message that encourages them to stick around a little longer. Decide whether to add navigation Many marketers wonder whether they should include their sites navigation on landing pages. On one hand you want them to be able to see what else you're offering and find out more, but on the other, you've created a landing page for a reason and keeping them there could mean the difference between a conversion and a lost lead. Try adding navigation to a thank you page once the conversion (whether it's a signup form or a special offer) is complete. Top form One of the main reasons marketers use landing pages is to collect additional data to see if the lead is worthy of sending to your sales team. Forms can be a pain and are often off-putting to customers. Try and keep requests to a minimum - think about the most important things you'd like to find out and stick with them as not to over-complicate things. Need help? Contact our clever online marketing team who can advise you on the best strategies for your business. Our team are always on hand to discuss your requirements and put together packages to make your business an online success.

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