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Mobile technology has become like second nature to us and with more and more people opting to use mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets for everyday browsing, it's no surprise that mobile advertisements have popped up. A lucrative way to engage customers and promote products and services, our online marketing team take a look at how you can make the most of your mobile campaigns... mobile3Size matters Forget a complex message, mobile adverts are generally too small to start branching into the multiple reasons why your business is so awesome. Spend time thinking about the best way to promote your products and services and put together ideas for a hard-hitting campaign. Be creative Just because space is limited doesn't mean you can't be creative. Mobile advertising is flexible in that it can relate to elements such as time, weather, date - even location. Use a mix of creative imagery and striking messages to catch the attention of mobile users and drive engagement. Lights, camera, action With technology improving all the time we now have access to faster and more responsive connectivity, larger displays, better graphics and more advanced browsers. Couple that with the roll out of 4G across Europe and marketers have the opportunity to deliver mobile rich media and video ads. These ads are easy to engage with, watch, download and convert into sales. Make it personal Mobile phones and tablet devices are extremely personal. We use them to call our friends, email our colleagues, shop, plan nights out - even look after our finances! Making your ads as personal as possible helps to add relevancy to its environment, making it part of everything we do on mobile devices. Once an advert is relevant to the user and the means of browsing it becomes useful content which encourages interaction and click through rates so think smart! Want to keep up to date with all the latest online marketing news as well as hints and tips from the MonkeyFish Marketing team? Add our blog to your RSS feed, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter! To find out more about our clever online marketing services, feel free to browse our website or use the buttons below to contact us.

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