Online Marketing Tips: Optimise Your Mobile Site

Marketing tips: improve your online marketing campaign by optimising your mobile website.

It’s no secret that making your company’s website more search engine optimisation friendly requires a careful strategy, and not neglecting your mobile website should be part of it. “Mobile users aren’t tethered to a desktop,” says mobile technology strategist Scott Forshay. “They need timely information to drive them into stores with positive purchase intent.” So the question is, what can you do to get the best out of your mobile website, and consequently, your online marketing venture? 1. Keep your mobile and desktop websites the same. If both mobile and desktop users would prefer to see the same website on both devices, then utilise responsive design. As well as using the same HTML for all devices and desktop, you will also have the advantage of CSS to decide how to render your website by the type of device it will be viewed on. For example, viewing a Pinterest board on an iPad would set a few images across the screen, whereas the same site on an iPhone would convert to a scrollable column. 2. Separate device experience. If you believe your customers’ experiences will be better with different HTML for different devices, then utilise the same URL to actively serve different HTML and CSS based on the devices profile. However, you must let the Smartphone Google bot know that you are doing this using the Vary HTTP header. 3. Use a mobile URL. If you do want a completely different mobile and desktop experience, use a different URL for your mobile site to distinguish the two. In-fact, SEO and online marketing expert Bryson Meunier found that sites possessing a different mobile URL actually received more traffic than those that didn’t. Did you find these tips useful? Browse our other posts for more clever marketing tips or put your question to our experts on 0800 228 9090.

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