Top Online Marketing Trends For 2012.

2012 has so far proven a seminal year for online marketing, with changing trends – whether they be in email marketing or using Facebook for marketing – keeping the approach fresh and more effective than any other form of traditional advertising. But three particular trends have risen above the rest when it comes to achieving great online marketing results…

The shift in social media metrics. At first only focusing on garnering hundreds of ‘likes,’ friends and followers, businesses using Facebook for marketing are now paying more attention to improving their ROI through more strategic metrics, such as how many users share page content with friends, how many additional links their Facbook page gets indexed in Google and how much traffic their page sends to the company website. And with this came a vast rise in Facebook competitions, targeted adverts and a whole host of social media apps that aim to help companies improve the return on investment of their online marketing campaign.

The emphasis on magnetic content. According to eMarketer, more and more people using online marketing to grow their business are realising that engagement is more successful than distraction, and more ethical! Instead of spending phenomenal sums on huge banner ads and other interruptive media, companies are now creating content that customers can really connect with and that creates great potential for lead generation. Think viral video campaigns, daily blog posts and email marketing campaigns that inform customers about products and services in an informal and fun way, and all tie in to the techniques for using Facebook for marketing mentioned above! The popularity of smartphones, tablets and online videos. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more popular, 2012 marks another year of increased revenue for smartphone and tablet companies.

Studies have even concluded that almost half of internet users will own smartphones by the close of this year! Consequently, businesses have adopted their online marketing strategies to include mobile friendly websites and email marketing campaigns, and even SMS newsletters that make the most of a trend that doesn’t show any sign of slowing. Would you like to know more about changing online marketing trends or how you could use Facebook for marketing? Call our experts on 01282 831 215.

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