Twitter Surprises Online Marketing Team With GIF Ban.

Online marketing trends – Twitter bans animated profile pictures.

As part of a clever online marketing company, our online marketing team are self confessed Twitter addicts and partial to an animated profile picture or two. But the latest news is that these are now to be phased out in another update to Twitter’s company policy. Although not completely all-embracing before this change in rules (users were forced to use workarounds to post GIFS as personal avatars), Twitter have now decided to completely phase out GIFS, much to the disbelief of the social networking website’s fans: “Oh wow, I just tried to upload an animated avatar on an unused alt account and it didn’t animate,” said the shocked Chris Torres of Nyan Cat. “That’s scary! But it’s also cool knowing we’re part of an exclusive animated GIF club.” This “exclusive club” refers to the one exception to Twitter’s new rule – people who are already using animated avatars will not be affected by the ban on GIFs. But doesn't this make the new guidelines a bit, well, pointless? It seems less Twitterers were bothered by the exception than we thought! One user defiantly Tweeted: “Well, looks like Twitter has disabled the uploading of animated GIFs as avatars. Get ready for mine to stay this way forever!” While another said, “Thank God. From now on, animated GIFs will be seen only where they belong: in Buzzfeed posts!” And Twitter’s reaction? As of yet, no-one has heard a peep from the social media website about why it has decided to change it’s company policy, leaving not just our online marketing company with baited breath! Although rumour has it that the reason for the change was because users were uploading GIFs that were several sizes too large for the website’s 700 KB image limit. Do you think Twitter need to relax their policies, or are you comfortable with your traditional, run of the mill profile picture? Let us know! Monkeyfish Marketingare a clever online marketing company who not only achieve page one results for clients, but carry out free website health checks! To request yours call our online marketing team on 01282 504 730.

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