Online Marketing Tips: Boost Twitter Engagement.

Four engagement boosting Twitter tips from our online marketing experts.

Does it fill you with envy when you see brands like Starbucks and Coca-Cola tweeting something as simple as, “Retweet if you had a great weekend!” and receiving a huge flood of engagement? We do too, but sadly for smaller businesses it isn’t that easy. Don’t fret though, our online marketing agency is here to hand out four useful tips for getting the Twitter ball rolling.

1. Use hashtags and keywords. Twitter is all about sharing. Members use common hashtags (keywords prefaced by the ‘#’ symbol) to hold huge discussions about certain subjects, whether it be #London2012 or #Eastenders. If someone types a hashtag into the search bar, they can see tweets from every other user who has hashtagged the same thing. Utilise these tools yourself, and you open your profile up to a whole new world of Twitter members who might never have found it. (But try to stick to one per Tweet, any more can appear spammy).

2. Use less characters. Website BuddyMedia found that tweets consisting of 100 characters or less received a level of engagement that was 17% higher than those that used more. It also gives followers who retweet your content room to add useful words such as “via @yourusername,” adding a fresh angle that, as with hashtags, brings your page to the attention of others.

3. Space out your Tweets. Over time, our online marketing agency has discovered that brands that space out their tweets receive the highest levels of engagement. Sending around four Tweets posted at 10am, 2pm, 4pm and 7pm seem to garner the most engagement, and give you time between posts to reply to users who have @’d or direct messaged you about the content. If you can’t afford to spend time hopping on and off the computer every few hours, try utilising scheduling software such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to prepare your updates in advance.

4. Add a link. They might seem spammy at first glance, but Tweets that include links have been found to receive 86% more retweets than those that don’t. It is also a good way to incorporate your blog posts or news articles without typing out a multitude of Tweets to try and express your point in 140 characters. Would you like to learn more about using Twitter as part of your online marketing campaign or just need a little social media advice? Contact our team on 01282 504 730 and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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