The Written Rules for Online Marketing Success

Written online marketing content - the 'write' way

Fantastic copywriting is essential when it comes to implementing a strong website marketing strategy. One of the first things your customers will notice when they land on your website, apart from the design, is the quality of the copy. Vital for creating a great first impression, making sure your online marketing content is well-written, grammatically correct and error free is crucial to your sites success. Follow our 5 steps to creating fantastic website marketing content… 1 – Research your audience Finding out just who your audience is is absolutely essential when it comes to creating successful online marketing content. What age group do they fall into? Are they male or female? What are they looking and searching for? Find out as much as you can, analyse keywords that may be associated with your business, products or website and create a mental image of the customer you are trying to target. Imagine you are speaking to them directly and keep them in mind constantly when creating written website marketing content for your site. 2 – Scope out your competition Looking at the websites of your competitors is a must when it comes to clever website marketing strategies. Staying one step ahead of the competition is the best way to get noticed so take a good long look at what they are doing, how they are doing it, what they’re doing right and where they’re going wrong. Highlight the good and the bad and work these into your own online marketing strategy. Finding examples of both fantastic and disastrous copywriting will help to point you in the right direction and inspire you to create written website marketing content that is even better than your competitors. 3 – Find a suitable tone Remember the customer we made a mental image of in step 1? This is where we open our dialogue with them and make them a part of our clever online marketing strategy. Finding a suitable tone is crucial when it comes to attracting and keeping the attention of your customer and encouraging them to invest their time and money in your services or products. Think about your audience, the business you offer and the products you sell and find a tone that represents them perfectly. If you’re selling Nightclub tickets – keep the pace upbeat and the tone lively. If you’re selling Home Insurance - keep it honest, informative and reassuring. Easy! 4 – Stand out from the crowd Don’t be afraid to stand out from the competition by leading the way with your written content. Adding your own stamp can work wonders. It sets you apart from the competition and creates a memorable experience for your customer. Try adding humour (where appropriate), a clever slogan or a catchy heading. Use words as your weapons and don’t be afraid to experiment! Finding the tone and pace that works for your online marketing strategy can often mean breaking out of the box and trying something new and unexpected. 5 – Check, check, check and check again! Bad grammar and spelling mistakes are a major turn off when it comes to your websites written content. Check through everything you write with a fine-toothed comb and pass it on to colleagues, family members and friends to check through too. It doesn't matter how fantastic your content is if it is littered with errors. Be warned!
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