Why optimised web design is important

Effective digital design is about more than just a website looking good. Responsive and optimised web design can be the difference between a site that thrives online and a site that fails. Recent updates to Google algorithms have further increased the importance of user experience. If a website is difficult to use and navigate, it is less likely to be rewarded with good search engine rankings.

Web Design from MonkeyFish

There are many different design factors that Google considers when creating rankings. Page speed, user experience and relevant content all must be up to scratch if you want those coveted page one rankings. Some web designers spend too much time ensuring the site looks fantastic, neglecting technical performance and on-page content. MonkeyFish understands that substance beats style, creating responsive websites that are fast, secure and easy to use. If a page loads too slowly or contains irrelevant or duplicated content, then a user is more likely to take their business elsewhere. The MonkeyFish development, design and marketing teams work closely to ensure that the websites that we create are optimised and engaging. Design has a major impact on the performance of an SEO strategy and an effective design can put your website ahead of the competition. Contact a member of MonkeyFish’s talented design team to find out more about our extensive web design services. The MonkeyFish specialists can take you online, analyse your current website and highlight key areas of improvement that could deliver outstanding results. Find out how your site is performing with a free website health check from Monkeyfish.

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