Optimising existing content to benefit your business!

It goes without saying that the population of your website with new, relevant and engaging content in the form of blog posts, and other product and service information, will prove beneficial to your business moving forward. But for an extra 'shot in the arm' to your company's SEO drive, the optimisation of existing content can also significantly help your prospects of transforming leads into conversions. The MFM team have compiled a short guide on how to go about making the most of the content already on your site.

Refresh your content to increase leads and conversions

Firstly, one of the most simple ways to enhance the potential of your website's existing content, is to refresh and repackage blogs that have been previously published. You can do so by adding new information on the article subject that may not have been known at the time of its inception, implementing fresh anchor-text links into the post, increasing the prominence of its call-to-action(s), or a combination of the aforementioned. Similarly, it is imperative to keep a close eye on your products and services information pages, and ensure that these are loaded with high quality content that engages with the reader in the best way possible. It can be all too easy to forget to update the contact information featured in calls-to-actions on such pages, for example, so if website visitors are calling the wrong number or e-mailing an old address, the potential to turn a lead into a conversion is already negated. Furthermore, regular updates should be afforded to your site's FAQ page, allowing the consumer to find out as much information as possible before getting in touch about making a purchase. MonkeyFish Marketing have discovered within our work for a vast array of clientele, that the implementation and maintenance of a strong FAQ page can greatly contribute towards generating increased leads and conversions.

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