Optimize Your Facebook Marketing Experience.

The top 5 trends that’ll optimize your Facebook Marketing experience.

Here at Monkeyfish Marketing we don’t like to leave you in the dark, which is why we’ve rounded up the five newest Facebook trends that’ll optimize your business’s social media experience to it’s full potential. Post larger photos, and more of them! While you’ve been getting social media savvy, you may have come across a lesser known social media platform named Pinterest. This is the website that has single-handedly made photographs one of the main focuses of social media marketing and raised awareness of the importance of good photography, an influence that has fed directly into Facebook’s Timeline. Indeed, analytics firms have found a 65% rise in engagement on brands’ profiles after photos and videos were posted with regularity, and a substantial fall for picture-less profiles. It is understandable when you think about it though; a professional looking photograph instantly grabs the eye, and having a tangible tie in to the text of your update provides the proof of what you're saying, gaining trust from your clients and garnering more Facebook likes. Real-time Insights calculators. Until now the standard Facebook advertising model has been to release a campaign, let it take care of itself, then measure the results when the need may take you. But the website's latest engagement metrics offer revolutionary, immediate visibility of the success of your social media marketing campaign. In the admin panel of your company’s page you can now see a handy little graph, illustrating how many people your campaign is reaching, and how many are talking about it. Then there is the old faithful Facebook advertising to fall back on, a relatively cost-effective and extremely effective way of garnering more likes and again, measuring the reach of your campaign. Photo marketing via Timeline. If you’re a seasoned Facebook marketer you won’t have failed to notice the nice, big cover photo at the top of your page, but it isn’t just another picture. This image is the first thing your customer’s eye will be drawn to when your business's page loads, so don’t underestimate it’s potential to provide fantastic promotional opportunities like one of our most successful clients Shackletons Home & Garden. If you’re running a competition, promote it via your cover photo. If you’ve released a fantastic new product, promote it via your cover photo. And so on for any offers, discounts or even news - your possibilities are endless. Turn your posts into a game. You heard us correctly, why not try livening up your posts? Huge brands like Coca Cola have had the brilliant brain wave of turning their status updates into a clever word association game (seen below). According to analytics companies, updates like these garnered a whopping 182% more comments per post than your standard daily update. However, this doesn’t suit every brand, but more engaging posts like our popular client Couples Resorts’s “When I think of Couples, I think of… Fill in the blanks!” always garner fantastic fan feedback. Get creative with your ‘Thank You’s! After all of our handy hints and tips, you’ll be old hands at singling out fans for praise by now, but did you know that if you got more creative with your ‘thank you’s then you could entertain not only the subject of the post, but 99.9% of your other fans who wouldn’t otherwise be interested. Something as simple as a graphic or short viral video that name checks your most recent followers a la Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is sure to grab their attention, and give them something to tell friends about who haven’t liked your page! Have we inspired you to learn even more about Facebook marketing? Why not browse our social media section or pop down to our Social Media Networking Event at the Business First Centre on June 28th?

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