Oreo Applauds Mars Rover With Online Marketing Tribute.

Oreo pays tribute to the Mars Rover with a spot of clever online marketing.

With the recent launch of the London 2012 Olympic Games and other events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, our online marketing team have seen hundreds of online marketing strategies evolve to harvest the reach that taking advantage of these events can produce. And the landing of the Mars Rover is no exception! Our website marketing team’s favourite chocolatey snack has celebrated the Mars landing with a very fitting Facebook update…

The brand, which boasts over 27 million Facebook followers received more than 18,000 new ‘likes’ on their clever picture, and countless others on their Facebook page itself! An avenue that practically any company can visit, posting Facebook updates and pictures that encapsulate exciting current affairs are a surefire way of not only increasing the engagement from current fans, but of welcoming in new ones too. And let’s not forget that the more interesting the content you are posting is, the more it will be shared by your fans; widening your reach even further still! As opposed to posting the same sales update week after week, posting pictures to coincide with current events never gets dull, and not because the events themselves are so diverse - interesting pictures never cease to grab the eye. Oreo themselves have proven this by posting a whole range of event themed photographs, one of which – a rainbow Oreo to celebrate gay pride – gained a huge 143,000 ‘likes’! Want to express your own views about the Mars Oreo or find out more about how our friendly team can aid your online marketing strategies? Contact us using the buttons below…

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