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Our Online Marketing Team Investigate the Penguin Update

The Google Penguin update was one year old yesterday, so our online marketing team decided to have a look back over the past year to see how it has affected websites, online marketing strategies and SEO.nnSince the release of the Penguin update, two more have been released – one on 24th May 2012 and another on October 5th 2012 – and another big update is planned for later this year, which Matt Cutts hinted could affect SEO techniques with more algorithm changes.n

Penguin Updates Target Over Optimised Websites

n18434f9c02b80a11eAccording to a poll conducted by Search Engine Roundtable, the Penguin update affected 65% of SEOs, with a whopping 94% reporting that they didn’t ‘fully recover’ from the update at all. The link based algorithmic filter is designed to level the playing field between webmasters that build quality content and those that aggressively over optimise websites. Based on the poll results above which include responses from over 500 SEOs, the Penguin update was incredibly effective – and with another update on the way, online marketers need to be prepared.nnThe Penguin update had potentially devastating effects on sites with too high a keyword density, an overbearing number of outbound links and generally anything that goes well beyond what you’d normally expect. There are plenty of webmasters that did, and still do, implement incorrect SEO techniques that leave websites vulnerable to this type of update – but here at MonkeyFish Marketing we’re always one step ahead!nnAs a leading online marketing company, MonkeyFish Marketing implement ethical SEO techniques into our own and our clients’ websites, carefully observing Google’s algorithms, changes and updates to ensure that our online marketing strategies continue to work effectively – which they always do!n

Talk to Our Online Marketing Consultants

nIf you would like to know more about our online marketing strategies and how they can benefit your website – even in the aftermath of the Penguin updates! – please don’t hesitate to give one of our knowledgeable online marketing consultants a call.

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Our Online Marketing Team Investigate the Penguin Update