Our Online Marketing Team's Favourite Creative Christmas Ads!

Creative Christmas ads from our online marketing team

As we count down the days till Christmas, our online marketing team keep coming across fantastic festive features that we can't help but share with you and today's offering is our selection of clever and creative Christmas adverts! Let the countdown begin. 3 - Apple 2011 In third place it's Apple! The tech giants always impress us with their sleek advertising campaigns but we think this one is particularly fun! Put together for Christmas 2011 we love how Apple's creative team have used the headphones to create the shape of a Christmas tree! The painted white lines remind us of icing (yum!) and the red makes us feel festive of course! There are few companies that can be identified through an icon alone but Apple's logo is truly universal. We don't think there's a tech fan in the world who won't recognise it! Getting rid of the need for any text - the message is clear. It's Apple. It's Christmas. We love it and we'll keep on buying! Simple and to the point, even though the mac vs PC debate continues to heat up the office (I'm a mac girl!) - we all agree that this advert is effortlessly creative and oozes the contemporary style associated with Apple. 2 - Kit Kat Now we don't like to pick favourites but our online marketing team do enjoy a good old Kit Kat every now and again. We're not sure if we're feeling slightly hungry with it being dinnertime but we do love this advert! Father Christmas has played a major part in all our lives... delivering our Christmas presents on time every year (he's better than Royal Mail!) and helping us eat those leftover mince pies, we're fond of old St Nick and we think he deserves a well earned break! The beard hung on the side of the chair is super adorable! Yet again, words are kept to a minimum but the image is so strong that we know exactly what it's saying. Merry Christmas from KitKat - now go and eat one! We don't need telling twice! 1 - McDonalds We haven't got food on the brain but we have to pay homage to the famous golden arches and we have to admit that this advert is pretty sweet. Showcasing their french fries forming the shape of a candelabra the message is simple and we have to admit that if you can use your products to portray a festive message - you're onto a winner! Another iconic brand - there's not much more McDonald's could have done to wish us Merry Christmas! Their distinctive branding is recognised across the world and is one of the reason's why their fast food empire has continued to grow in popularity over the years. So there you have it! Our online marketing team's top 3 creative Christmas print ads! Keep checking back for more seasonal blogging and plenty of internet marketing news and tips!
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