Panda 4.2 update allows for Online Visibility improvements

As is usually the case in the immediate aftermath of a Google algorithm update, many businesses are currently coming to terms with their website losing significant online visibility following Panda 4.2's inception. But thankfully, given MFM's commitment to keep fully up to date with the very latest internet marketing developments, we can offer advice on how to use this latest algorithm refresh to your advantage, and combat any potential rankings slide.

Using Google Webmaster Tools to your advantage

On the back of Panda 4.2's arrival, a significant addition to Google Webmaster Tools swiftly followed in the form of a fetch and render feature on the 'fetch as Google' page. And this can prove as useful a tool as any in restoring your site's online visibility, or negating potential rankings losses before they occur. Google runs 'page layout algorithms' in order to decipher how many adverts appear on your website, and looks particularly unfavourably on a large multitude being present above the fold, which can significantly harm your rankings. However, if Google cannot render the CSS and Javascript of your site, it is unable to determine whereabouts your ads are situated, seeing you harshly penalised nonetheless. And you could very well be blocking your CSS and Javascript from being correctly read unbeknownst to you. Check your robots.txt and ensure that Googlebot can access CSS, Javascript and any other embedded resources; you could see a swift return to the rankings you had before Panda 4.2 if you've already been penalised, or ensure maintenance of your already strong online visibility.

Contact MFM for Improved Online Rankings

Of course, the MonkeyFish Marketing team are renowned for the implementation of bespoke internet marketing strategies that result in improved online rankings for clients. So if you would like to become the latest business to benefit from our internet marketing services, why not request a free expert website health check? Alternatively, give us a call on 01282 504730 and speak with one of our friendly and dedicated marketing consultants.

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