Pinterest Can Aid Online Marketing Success.

How Pinterest could help make your online marketing campaign a success.

Almost every company implementing social media in their online marketing strategy has heard of the virtual pin board Pinterest. Allowing users to ‘pin’ pictures they find interesting – either from Pinterest itself or from their favourite website – Pinterest has produced some fantastic statistics that illustrate what a great effect it could have on your business if used correctly…

But what do I pin? Deciding what to pin is the simplest part of a Pinterest strategy; just remember to keep it relevant. Start with images and videos of your products, customer testimonials and images from your blog posts (to create a backlink), before creating additional boards where you can showcase your workplace events, culture and employees to give your company a more human feel.

When is the best time to pin? Although optimum pinning times are still in debate, the general consensus is that daytime pins should take place between 2pm and 4pm, and evening pins between 8pm and 1am. When it comes to days of the week images pinned on Thursdays and Saturdays are recorded as receiving the most attention, as the stressful working week is beginning to wind down.

How can I optimise my images? Although the most popular images on Pinterest receive ‘repins’ – Pinterests version of the Facebook share – almost every day, users are still hungry for something new to admire. Pin your own unique images instead of relying on those already navigating the site (which will in turn provide a link to your own website), employ your target keywords in file names and pin descriptions and make sure that you are only pinning great quality photographs.

How do I make it work for my business’s online marketing strategy? One of the main things to remember is that Pinterest is first and foremost an informal website. Show users more than just your product by giving them a glimpse into your company’s daily life; share a plate of cakes an employee has made or introduce staff members in a unique way. It is also essential to share things that your followers will find interesting, funny or creative, ensuring that they develop a deeper connection with your brand.

Once you gain a steady base of followers that repin your images, their own followers will then catch sight of your pins and, if interested, begin following your boards. But it is always worth giving your website visitors a helping hand by installing a “Follow me on Pinterest” button to your home page, and encouraging engagement by allowing followers to pin to your boards themselves. Would you like to know more about how Pinterest could grow your business? Contact our online marketing experts on 01282 504 730 to find out more.

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