Pinterest Joins The Social Media Revolution

Pinterest looks like the next big social media outlet for businesses.

Never mind the Twitter revolution, or even the Facebook revolution - the next big thing in social media seems to be Pinterest! The newest in a growing line of photo sharing websites provides users with the opportunity to create their very own virtual mood board, sharing things from inspirations to holiday snaps and craft projects. But Pinterest isn't just about weddings, recipes and jewellery, it provides the perfect opportunity to give your business a much wider client base and reach potential fans all over the world. Although still not incredibly well known, Pinterest garnered more traffic for Time Inc.’s Real Simple magazine in October last year than Facebook. Then in February of this year the website gained even more prestige by driving more referrals to Hubspot’s blog than front runner Google+! Admittedly however, it isn't perfect for every business, working more in favour of those who have a lot of pictures on hand to promote their products. We all know that pictures are the most effective way of grabbing a customer’s eye, and attractive, professional looking ones are sure to hold it. If a Pinterest user likes a picture, with a click of the mouse they can not only virtually ‘like’ it, but ‘pin’ it to one of their own boards for all of their followers to see. And so it continues, that one picture reaching more and more people and, if originally pinned directly from your website, it provides a link for fans to follow and browse your site themselves. And indeed, even if you aren't actively updating your account for a couple of months the pins will continue to roll in. That’s the great beauty of Pinterest, it more or less takes care of itself. Pinterest also provides the perfect opportunity to run exciting, interactive competitions. Countless companies have run successful promotions where fans pin their own pictures onto their board, with the best entries being treated to a reward. This is what internet marketing savvy businesses looking to utilise Pinterest must bear in mind; fans love nothing more than a bit of good old fashioned fun. It reminds them that there aren't just corporate robots behind the brand name, but human beings like them who sometimes just want to sit down and gaze at virtual pin boards of pretty place settings.

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