Should Pinterest be a Part of Your Website Marketing Strategy?

Should you have an interest in Pinterest? Our website marketing experts share their top tips…

  Pinterest is one of the latest social media crazes that has been taking the web by storm but for those of you who haven’t heard about it before, our website marketing experts give you the low-down… What is it? Pinterest is a pretty much a visual pinboard that allows you to collect pretty images and put them together in unique boards under any title you want! Whether you’re a massive fan of flowers, a would-be fashionista, a film buff or a sports addict, creating boards full of the images that you love does have a certain appeal. As addictive as Facebook, you’ll soon find that you’ve created multiple boards and have more interests than ever before! The idea of Pinterest is to share your finds with others, so all posts are ‘pinned’ to the main home page of Pinterest and then separated into categories so you can browse areas of interest. Why use it for business? For businesses that rely heavily on visuals, it’s a great way to educate users about your products. Pictures will need to be professionally taken and look appealing for others to be interested in them. Make it part of your website marketing strategy to have professional pictures taken that represent your products or services in the best light possible – not just for Pinterest but for your own website too! Adding the images to your website and then ‘pinning’ them will provide a link from Pinterest back to the page the image is displayed on. This means that any users who are interested in your picture can find their way to your site easily to take a look at the product in full. This is a great way to add a referring site to your websites analytics, directing new traffic through to your business and attracting potential new leads. How does it work? Each image you post is added to the main pin board, this means that every Pinterest user can see it. Users can then ‘re-pin’ it to their own boards which means that a fantastic looking picture can really spread like wild-fire. Your original image can be re-pinned tens, hundreds and thousands of times… That’s tens, hundreds and thousands more people that could see the link to your website – definitely worth taking advantage of don’t you think? Pinterest is a fantastic social media platform that works for many website marketing strategies, if your business could benefit from Pinterest but you don’t have time to do it yourself, why not let us do it for you? Use the contact buttons below and we’ll be in touch ASAP. Should you have an interest in Pinterest? Our website marketing experts share their top tips…
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