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Given Google's persistent strive to improve their algorithm's assessment of quality, it is unsurprising to learn that the latest Panda update is quickly forthcoming. The update can be expected within two to four weeks to be exact, and with the change being referred to as a data refresh as opposed to an algorithmic alteration, businesses may struggle to decipher how to avoid being penalised with reference to their rankings on the world's leading search engine. Thankfully, our internet marketing experts are on hand to help.

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With Google stressing that the characteristics of this latest Panda update firmly categorise it as a data refresh, the good news for companies penalised by the previous version is that they could experience a recovery upon inception of Panda 4.1. However, the possibility exists that sites may not recover, and that others may actually be hit for the first time. As such, you could do much worse than to follow the expert advice of our leading internet marketing company in attempting to ensure your website retains its Google rankings. Firstly, you should be committed to the production of unique, engaging content for your site, inclusive of relevant inbound links where possible. Site usability is also taken into account by the world's leading search engine, so ease of navigation is a definite positive, as is the presence of defined pages with their own clear purpose. And the creation of coherent call-to-actions site-wide will also aid your cause in appearing favourable when the latest Panda update does occur. By following these simple steps, your website has the best possible chance to (continue to) prosper.

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