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Prepare for Winter with Non Slip Floors from Polydeck

Winter has finally arrived, bringing with it frost, snow, ice and blustery wind and rain. This type of weather is unpleasant at the best of times, but even more so when you’re faced with slippery terrain. Decking can be slippery at the best of times but in winter it can be downright dangerous, and reception areas of buildings can be risky too when all the snow gets trodden in. Non slip floors are a great way to help combat the slipperiness; by providing more friction for shoes to grip they make a safer floor surface than conventional materials such as tile, timber and concrete. Non slip flooring is commonly used at building entrances but it often isn’t enough to provide a non slip surface in the winter months.


Reduce the Risk of Injury with Non Slip Stair Treads


non slip floorsStairs can also be a risky business in winter. Everyone has experienced the heart-stopping moment where you misjudge the width of a step and your foot slips off it. Most of the time you simply grip the stair rail and land on the next step, but if there was any ice or water on the step then the outcome could be much more unpleasant. Non slip stair treads are the ideal solution, reducing slipperiness and the risk of someone falling down the stairs – therefore minimising the risk of injury. An injury claim is the last thing any business wants – not to mention the paperwork it involves!


Non Slip Floors Guaranteed for 30 Years


Polydeck are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of non slip floors. Manufactured by GRIPFAST, their super strong and durable range of non slip floors is guaranteed fro thirty years and features a near diamond hard aggregate, so it can withstand the heaviest foot traffic and wear and tear. Their wide range of non slip floors, including anti slip decking, non slip stair treads and anti slip strips, is the ideal solution for any slippery surface. Keep up with the latest news from our internet marketing agency by checking back to the MonkeyFish Marketing blog regularly or by liking us on Facebook.

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Prepare for Winter with Non Slip Floors from Polydeck