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Prevent Slips with Non Slip Products

The first frost of the year is upon us! According to weather reports, it’s the start of a long, cold winter, which means snow, ice and freezing rain for the foreseeable future. Not only is this kind of weather pretty miserable, it’s also a lethal combination that makes floors incredibly slippery – even indoors. People slipping as a result of the flooring on your premises is never a good thing; it could leave you open to a lawsuit which would be difficult for you to win, since businesses are responsible for those that access the premises.


Avoid Lawsuits with Non Slip Products


non slip productsThe best way to avoid a scenario like this is to install non slip flooring. Polydeck supply a wide range of non slip products which are suitable for any premises and requirement; whether you’re looking for a budget outdoor solution or want to make stairs less slippery, they have the non slip product for you. Their entire range is manufactured by GRIPFAST, the UK’s leading non slip product manufacturer. Guaranteed for thirty years, their range is made from durable GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) with a near diamond hard aggregate to guarantee strength against even the highest amount of foot traffic.


Anti Slip Flooring Guaranteed for 30 Years!


The range if non slip products from GRIPFAST ranges from anti slip decking to non slip strips to DDA compliant stair treads – so there really is a non slip flooring solution for all requirements. Each flooring solution is manufactured to your bespoke requirements, with a range of different colours and textures available. So prepare your business for winter and the slippery floors that ensure by installing non slip flooring products from Polydeck. For more information check out their website, and be sure to keep checking back to the MonkeyFish Marketing blog for the latest news and updates from our clients.

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Prevent Slips with Non Slip Products