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Rail welding Through The Ages

Men in High VisCarts run on stone carved tracks have been present from some of the earliest civilizations, however bit by bit, the technology and knowledge behind the idea and theory has developed and progressed to wooden tracks, with wooden carts and Britain created the first track to be used by a steam driven locomotive engine. These tracks have been bolted and hammer welded, however in the as welding has also progressed through the ages, rail welding has benefited as railway welding teams can now use these welding techniques to weld into place a “continuous track”. This in itself means that the changes of the track buckling are lower due to the clever methods they use to prepare and check the natural heat expansion of the rail. The health and safety of the workers doing this has changed throughout time time too, before it was a dangerous job and health and safety was pretty much unheard of, whereas now there is IOSH training standards and each and every member of railway welding teams can rest assured they have training and knowledge to keep themselves and each other safe of the tracks.

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Rail welding Through The Ages