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Railway Safety Training

A railway network is not a bad metaphor for the way your career progresses through your life. Sometimes it runs smoothly on a set track, other times there are junctions where you can change to a different route. Some people work hard and apply themselves, and end up in first class, while others remain stood in the corridor waiting for an opportunity to even sit down.nnAnd if you’re waiting for your next opportunity, then the rail network could be the ideal place for you. The network is expanding and improving, with a wide range of career opportunities opening up. However, to move your career forwards on the railways, you have to have the right railway safety training and qualifications.nnAt Renown Training, we can provide all the railway safety training you need to acquire your basic track safety card and start your career on a fresh track. In just two days, we’ll teach you the terminology, procedures and practices used to keep rail workers safe, as well as showing you what to do in case of emergencies. Courses are taught in groups of no more than ten and cost just £145 for the two days.nnAt the end of your railway safety training course, you’ll receive a National Competency Control Agency card, or NCCA card, endorsed with the basic Personal Track Safety qualification, allowing you to work on the rail network. Renown Training can also provide refresher courses for workers who have been out of the industry for a while, with one day of railway safety training costing just £75.nnSo get your career on the right track for 2013; talk to your employer today about sending you for PTS railway safety training with Renown Training.

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Railway Safety Training