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Record Calls with Call Monitoring Solutions from SMARTCALL

Does your company deliver customer service over the telephone? If this is the case are you aware of your company’s level of customer service? With most organisations conducting business over the telephone it is imperative that you are aware of how this is being received by your clients. Monkeyfish Marketing client SMARTCALL have the solution to being able to effectively monitor customer service taking place over the telephone. With the software giving you the ability to record calls you can ensure that your staff are meeting the correct standards of communication, giving you the opportunity to take appropriate action where necessary.


man phoneDesigned to Help you Easily Comply with Relevant Legislation


More and more businesses are realising the benefits when you record calls. Chances are that you’ve heard the automated recording ‘This call may be monitored or recorded for quality and training purposes’, this is because that particular business understands the importance and relevance of being able to record phone calls. There is a variation of motivations for wanting to record calls. For some businesses it is mandatory. That does not mean that you can’t choose which call recording solutions best suits your business. Any business can benefit from call recording in terms of agent training. Being able to use previous recordings as examples of possible scenarios is an invaluable source of training in conflict resolution and effective customer service. In addition, call recording is a means to protect you and your employees and is a sound way to resolve disputes. SMARTCALL provide the software to record calls in compliance with legislation that is related to call recording such as FSA and PCI DSS standards, by including functions that ensure that you can easily adhere to stringent requirements.




So if you are considering introducing call recording equipment or you have an obligation then Monkeyfish Marketing would like to advise you to check out SMARTCALL’s fantastic solutions.


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Record Calls with Call Monitoring Solutions from SMARTCALL