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Reduce the Risk of Spray Booth Breakdown with AGM’s Excellent Maintenance Contracts

Here at Monkeyfish Marketing we work with a range of businesses offering a plethora of different services. One of those is AGM Services. The sister company of another of our clients, Junair Spray Booths, who provide all the equipment you’ll need to set up an efficient spray booth within your body shop. AGM provide all things spray booth related. They provide spare parts, maintenance contracts and a spray booth breakdown repair service unmatched by their rivals.


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AGM Services compliment Junair Spraybooths by offering a second to none service on maintenance and repair as well as providing spare parts. If you know anything about Spray Booths then you will be aware that to keep it running at optimum performance, spray booths require regular maintenance checks and replacement of filters. A Preventative Maintenance Agreement with AGM Services is a cost effective and reliable way to ensure your spray booth is running to the best of its ability and the risk of downtime is reduced. Spray Booth breakdown can be very costly and the longer your booth is out of action the more revenue is lost. Regular scheduled maintenance provided by one of AGM’s qualified and experienced engineers will go a long way towards ensuring spray booth breakdown does not become a recurring problem. The engineer will carry out a number of tests to ensure your booth is running smoothly, this includes the standard spray booth COSHH test. If you do not own a Junair Spray booth this does not present problem as AGM engineers have the knowledge and experience to maintain and repair any spray booth. AGM Services also provide fantastic technical support over the phone, this helps to reduce unnecessary call out costs.


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Reduce the Risk of Spray Booth Breakdown with AGM’s Excellent Maintenance Contracts