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Renown first aid training

Renown TrainingRenown is company who specialises in training employees at other businesses for their health and safety procedures and certificates. As well as offering many other courses to help your business grow with the best possible chances to help you have a motivated and informed workforce which makes a better business all round. First aid training is a legal requirement and is vital in the care of your workforce, as a team each and every person needs to take responsibility for themselves and each other, our first aid training courses provide a wealth of knowledge and we work hard to support every group of people we train as individuals and make sure they fully understand everything we teach them. CSCS card training is a process we take pride in offering to our clients, we know that all building sites will need every employee to be CSCS card registered and their insurance costs are far lower. Many of our courses can be partaken as an individual and we can help you attain a CSCS card before you apply or get the job. Our PTS courses must be partaken by those who have been ‘sent’ by “link-up Railway Company” and therefore cannot sign themselves up as an individual. This is because PTS card training is the minimum necessary requirement for anyone who through their work has access to the railway infrastructure. Finally one of our most popular ISOH managing is a course that teaches managers how to cope and react for health and safety issues and a new extension to the programme outlines health and safety in tackling the environment. ISHO courses specifically target managers of any sector , which means you can get more for your money as Renown training do not excessively over price due to targeting a niche as they target every sector to help all businesses, big or small benefit from their training. Each and every one of our courses has been planned and is conducted by qualified professionals who genuinely want to see you succeed.

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Renown first aid training