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In an ever-increasing technological world, online security is paramount to your business’ safety when it comes to threats such as viruses, hackers and data-destroying techniques which are happening millions of times a day. When designing, building and optimising websites, MonkeyFish Marketing consistently take measures to keep our clients data safe.

Keep your business safe with simple security measures

The threat from potential cyber-attacks is always high, with malicious hackers continually trying to access server ports and domains to gain confidential information destroy it or block access to the owners. Because of this it’s highly important to take necessary precautions when taking your business online. MonkeyFish Marketing use complex security measures to keep our clients safe, but simple preventative measures can also be beneficial for your business. Anti-virus Software Having anti-virus software installed and firewalls activated on all your business’ computers can be one of the most effective ways to keep your data safe on each computer. Anti-virus software runs simple scans which can detect and remove malware and infected files on your computer, making your machine safe from outside threats. Staff Training There are simple security measures you can take within your business to keep your online business safe. By training your staff to follow simple guidelines you can improve the basic security of your business. By carrying out tasks such as locking your computer when you leave your desk, deleting any email you don’t recognise or think may be suspicious and keeping all passwords safe in a secure program rather than writing them down and leaving them lying around you will be minimising the security threat to your information. Passwords All passwords need to be secure and not easy to guess. You can make them memorable by making a rhyme for the letters and characters used, or take the first letter of a set of lyrics from a song. It is best for passwords to be long, include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols and punctuation. Password generators can help if you struggle to make one up, but make sure to store it in a safe, password protected program.

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MonkeyFish Marketing offer special internet marketing techniques as well as online security as part of our website design and development. For more information on our online marketing services you can speak to a member of our team by calling us on 01282 504 730 or by sending your details to use online. We also offer a free website health check for any business where we can recommend the best course of action for your website to remain safe from online security threats.

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