SEO or AdWords? An Internet Marketing Review

SEO or AdWords? An Internet Marketing Review

The aim of all internet marketing services and techniques is to generate sales. The two most common approaches to internet marketing are SEO and paid advertising – but which should you choose? Many marketers feel that they have to choose between the two, but in actual fact its best practice to utilise both. Each technique has pros and cons, but when they’re used together each con is covered by the benefit of the other.

How SEO and AdWords Work

SEO internet marketing techniquesThe aim of SEO is to make your site content relevant to search engines. By learning the search terms that people are using to land on your site, you can use these throughout your site content to make it more relevant for these terms, therefore boosting rankings within the search engines and leading to a greater influx of traffic – and sales as a result; provided you’re optimising for the right keywords! SEO is a gradual internet marketing technique and takes time to deliver results; however, if you continue to optimise and update your content regularly, once you’ve achieved a high ranking you’ve got a good chance of staying there. AdWords on the other hand, allow businesses to bid for an advertisement at the top or side of search results for a certain keyword that is relevant for their site, and the highest bidder wins the best spot. People type it in, see the result at the top and click on the website, hopefully proceeding to buy something. The company will be charged a certain amount for each click through to the site, so AdWords only pay off if you generate a good amount of revenue through them.

Making the Most of Both Internet Marketing Techniques

Google AdWordsSo AdWords allow your business to be found instantly. As soon as you pay for that listing your website is there, while SEO, as mentioned above, is more of a gradual process – however there is no charge, (though most marketers choose to enlist the help of a professional internet marketing company to ensure success, which of course requires payment) and many people trust organic listings over paid results. SEO is the natural and organic way to boost your website, and over time – provided you optimise your site correctly – Google will trust your site more and reward it with higher rankings. It takes longer for SEO to have an effect in the search results, but they are well worth the results. AdWords are better for a rapidly changing marketplace, where you can quickly and easily change the term you want to be found for. As you can see, both AdWords and SEO as internet marketing techniques have their benefits, and when used together make a powerful internet marketing strategy that will surely increase the amount of sales on your site.

Specialist Internet Marketing Services

Here at MonkeyFish Marketing we specialise in organic internet marketing services, including SEO. Our aim is to increase the amount of leads and sales through our clients’ websites by using a variety of techniques which increase online presence and enhance the user experience. If you would like to know more about how our internet marketing services can benefit you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01282 504730.

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