SEO Overtakes PPC And Social Media In Generating New Leads!
  The day has finally come and thanks to an independent study undertaken by “Webmarketing 123”, which is an online marketing agency which is based out of California, USA. Webmarketing 123, surveyed over 500 online marketers in the USA during August and September. Two thirds were business to business marketers and only one third were business to consumer marketers. Out of the business to business marketers, only 17.9% of leads were generated through social media, only 24.8% were generated through PPC (pay per click) advertisements and a massive 57.4% came from the SEO ( search engine optimisation) related marketing techniques. SEO also came out on top for the business to consumer marketer, social media bottomed out with 24.8% of traffic, then followed by 34.2% with the PPC advertisements and SEO took the lead with 41.0% of traffic related leads. Many of the people who took part, mentioned that they referred to website/online traffic as their main way of measuring the success of any online marketing they undertook. MonkeyFishMarketing is a clever Internet Marketing company who specialise in SEO techniques.
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