Should Online Marketing Be Mourning The Infographic?

Should online marketing start mourning the death of the infographic?

A trend that caught on faster than you can say “online marketing,” infographics have graced many a computer screen with fun, vibrant presentations of key statistics and figures. But has the proverbial dog had its day? Not just attractive to website visitors, infographics have become something of a weapon of choice for link builders. Low cost and ideal for communicating lots of interesting information, they can be applied to virtually any subject, hosted anywhere and are one of the most sharable titbits of information on the internet. But you will only be rewarded with good links if you are posting good content… Some online marketing services have come to think that the infographic has become a little ‘over done’ recently, with the graphics becoming busier and the statistics included not being as accurate as they sometimes lead us to believe, and Google hasn’t let it slide. In a recent interview, Google’s head of spam Matt Cutts suggested that the links being generated from infographics may in-fact be discounted in the near future. “This is similar to what people do with widgets,” he said. “I would be surprised if at some point in the future we did not start to discount these infographic-type links to a degree. If the information an infographic is based on is simply wrong, then it is misleading people.” And it isn’t just the misleading information aspect of infographics that worries Matt Cutts, he also holds reservations about the way their owners encourage others to link to their content: “The link is often embedded in the infographic in a way that people don’t realise, as opposed to a true endorsement of your site.” Linking back to a misleading and incorrect sources is of course, against Google’s rules, but much of the online marketing community has dubbed these regulations cryptic and are all for the continuation of infographic links. But what are your thoughts on the debate? Let us know using the social sharing buttons above, or phone our experts to find out more about our online marketing services.

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