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It goes without saying that within the internet marketing industry, the most effective SEO techniques are ever evolving, a notion MFM take pride in keeping on top of. And oftentimes, it can pay to keep it simple with regards to the implementation of online marketing strategies, which is why we've devised a shortlist of the best, and easiest ways to keep your site performing to its maximal potential in a constantly changing modern day SEO environment.

Essential mobile responsive web design

Given its comfortable standing as the world's leading search engine, Google's increasingly frequent algorithm updates are making it an absolute necessity for companies to adhere to a strategy that should be a staple of their site anyway; the constant addition of relevant, engaging content. But even more so than that, the possession of a mobile responsive website has become absolutely essential for businesses, with Google's very latest algorithm refresh rewarding sites boasting mobile functionality. And with over half of all searches are now completed on a mobile device too, these algorithm alterations are far from the only reason a mobile responsive website has become crucial. If you're behind the curve in this sense, get in touch with MonkeyFish Marketing to find out how our graphic design experts can help. Meanwhile, it is important to target consumers effectively, so that when your site is found, users engage with it in the best way possible to boost your chances of generating leads and conversions. You should perform research to gain an idea of your ideal customer, and cater content to such a profile. The implementation of easy-to-digest content such as blog posts and videos is usually a safe bet to entice new visitors to your site to stick around, whilst elements such as an FAQ section and case studies and testimonials pages are useful tools for the latter stages of the customer's journey, as they prepare to convert.

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