How site errors can impact your website

Even if a website looks fantastic and features engaging and relevant content, it can still experience issues if there are technical faults that are not dealt with. Even seemingly insignificant problems can have a huge impact on the overall performance of the website. If users experience these faults it can damage your business’ reputation and result in missed sales opportunities.

Ensuring your website reaches its potential

Website issues can be the difference between success and failure for a business online. Page speed, for example, is just one of the faults that if left, can see users leave your site and visit your competitors. Half of online consumers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less, for every second that passes after that the chances are that you’re losing customers. Speed optimisation is just one of the development services that MonkeyFish provide, ensuring your site is as fast as possible and giving your customers a quick browsing experience. Poor user experience, duplicate or irrelevant content and a confusing navigation system are other faults that must be corrected for a website to be successful. MonkeyFish carry out site audits to identify these kinds of issues and others like them. Once we’ve determined the faults our teams get to work on fixing them. 301 redirects, menu restructures and missing meta titles and descriptions are just some of the things we look out for, fixing if necessary. Our talented web developers can ensure your website is free from avoidable site problems. If these issues are ignored it can lead to your website failing to rank well with search engines and a loss of revenue. The digital marketplace is so crowded and competitive, you can’t afford to let site errors hold your website and business back.

Speak to a MonkeyFish expert today

If you’re worried about the technical faults on your website, please get in touch with a MonkeyFish expert. We can take you online and carry out a free website health check to determine any urgent issues that should be dealt with. Contact us online or call our offices on 01282 504730 if you have any questions about the web marketing services that we provide.

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