So What Ranking Factors are Most Important in 2015?

When it comes to ranking in search engines there’s plenty to consider. From page titles to quality content to user engagement to internal and external links, the webmaster’s SEO checklist is ever expanding – so which aspects of your website should you really focus on to have the biggest impact on your rankings? The Moz team have done the hard work for you in their Ranking Factors Study, which is carried out every two years. By analysing over 170 attributes and talking to 150 world-leading marketers, they have compiled a report that shows the attributes of a website that are most influential rankings. We’ve rounded up some of the essential takeaways:

The Most Influential Ranking Factors

On a scale of 1 to 10, (10 being the most influential and 1 being not at all influential) domain-level link features such as the quantity of links, and trust of the overall domain, was found to be the most influential. Page level link features, such as on page anchor text links and the quality of linking sources, followed very closely behind. Takeaway: quality links are one of the most important factors to contribute to a site’s overall ranking. On-page content is still important to search engine bots, although keyword density is becoming less influential. Factors that affect ranking include content length, readability, overall quality and load speed to name but a few. Takeaway: keyword density is still necessary, but other content factors also play a part in rankings. Social metrics like shares, tweeted links and +1s scored 3.98 out of ten, indicating they aren’t particularly influential on a page’s rankings in search engines. That said, social presence is still important for other factors of SEO so it shouldn’t be neglected. Takeaway: Social sharing is good, but it doesn’t influence rankings.

How to Use This Info in Your SEO Strategy

It must be noted that these are only indications of what seems to affect rankings, however this data provides a valuable insight into where to focus more of your efforts when it comes to your SEO and overall online marketing strategy. If you’d like help with creating a powerful online marketing strategy for your business, book a free website health check with the internet marketing experts at MonkeyFish Marketing  today or give our team a call on 01282 504730 for a friendly no obligation chat.

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