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Social Media Airbrushing..Should it be encouraged?

It’s no great secret that airbrushing is commonly used whether it’s in your favourite glossy or on the billboard advertisements around town, but image manipulation has caused growing concerns regarding unrealistic images to be portrayed to the public. The truth is the age where body dissatisfaction becomes an issue is getting younger and younger and with an 80 per cent rise in eating disorder amongst young girls, should we really be encouraging people to retouch their social media profile picture to create the perfect image? Easy to follow tutorials available; demonstrate how to make use of Photoshop to change your appearance in your profile picture. So whether you fancy a change in hair colour, are eager to eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles, add a new tattoo or hide that acne, you can do it all yourself. There’s no denying that Photoshop and other available tools can produce some  amazing  effects and completely change the appearance of a picture, but when does it all become too much? For me social networking is an opportunity to stay in touch with friends, reminisce about the good times and laugh hysterically at those ridiculous photo’s you’d forgotten had been taken, or those you wish hadn’t been taken at all.  If it’s not to turn your hair cyber purple or turn your teeth pink, is it really necessary to Photoshop a profile picture? For me the answer is always no! A perfect example of how the ‘perfect’ body is portrayed by the media. MonkeyFish offer businesses bespoke social media marketing services.



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Social Media Airbrushing..Should it be encouraged?