Social Media Day celebrate the revolution
MonkeyFishMarketing is a fast growing Internet marketing company who are taking part in social media day and celebrating the accomplishments we have achieved throughout the years and media has finally become a dialogue for everyone, no matter who you are, where you are from or what you do, there are no limits or restrictions, it is for everyone. Social media has been a large and fast-growing phenomenon since it first began. Everyday more and more people join the technological revolution and begin the busy task of networking with people all over the world. Many people have had fears, apprehension and most have been excited about the new wave of people entering the social networking world. The progression of technology has made it possible for families, friends and partners to stay in touch no matter where they are. New acquaintances and friendships are found each day and people have actually found and married their husbands or wives through social networking. So today Thursday the 30th June 2011 is officially Social Media Day thanks to mashable, a social media website that we all love . Social media websites are always in the news, a great deal of the most iconic people tweet and Facebook the world, Victoria Beckham tweets about her excitement as her due date approaches and the pope tweeted praising Jesus from an ipad. So why not let the world celebrate a revolutionary triumph in bringing together communities that would never have previously had the chance to meet!    
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