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Here at MonkeyFish Marketing we’ve recently come across a survey carried out by brand activation agency Arc. It showed that social media has the biggest influence on consumers regarding the purchases of popular items such as baby toys, video games and mobile phones. The behaviour of shoppers across 20 popular products was analysed is order to understand what influenced customers to make their purchasing decisions and found that social media was prominent. Almost half of those who took part in the survey revealed they use social media to research products (47%) while social media was found to be a key search tool when it came to the purchases of mobile phones, video games and baby toys – a massive 78% of baby toy buyers said they utilised social media to compare brands. While it’s not a surprise to us at MonkeyFish Marketing who, as an SEO company, have an expert team to help clients get the best from social media, it does show you just how powerful social media networks are. It’s a crucial element of any internet marketing strategy and aside from being a research tool as shown above, is fast becoming the best way to get noticed online. We are an SEO company who know that social media marketing is all about building relationships with customers through a variety of paths with Facebook, Twitter, blogs and even video being essential tools. It has become the key to success for a number of companies currently prospering online and we’re here to help you do the same for your business. Whether you want to direct traffic to your site, build your brand presence or even be prominent when customers are researching products in your field, we are dedicated to building social media marketing campaigns that work uniquely for businesses. If you want great results then you’ll want to use an SEO company that really deliver – MonkeyFish Marketing. Contact us to find out more.
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