Social Media Giants Facebook Look to Help People Gain Employment
As if Facebook wasn't doing enough in it's quest for world domination within the world of social media, it's now taking things a step further. Facebook are now looking to help in gaining some form of employment. Earlier this week the social networking website announced that it has gone into partnership with the U.S. Department of Labour in addition to a number of major employment agencies in order to vastly decrease the country's fast depleting unemployment rate using the powers of social media. Facebook are looking to decrease America's 9.1 % unemployment rate by possibly introducing a jobs posting system that works in correlation with Facebook Th initial idea is to introduce formal job hunting content directly to Facebook, which through recent surveys a number of recruitment companies do actually prefer to LinkedIn. Facebook are not taking this new feature lightly and have recently launched a specific portal for "Social Jobs" that enables easy and direct access to educational content and tools from its partners at the Department of Labour, DirectEmployers Association, The National Association of Colleges and Employers aswell as the Association of State Worforce Agencies. This therefore gives people access to a whole lot of substantial data. The idea of this programme is to promote the page in ten chosen states where unemployment is at its worst and also Puerto Rico. To ensure that the project is used to the best of it's potential, Facebook will be actively conducting surveys, showing how job seekers, recruitment companies and College Career Departments actually use social media and what advantages it gains from doing so. One particular aspect of this procedure that has been highlighted immensely, is the plan to progressively push Facebook into a specific job listing territory.  For example if people were skilled within internet marketing, there would be a specific category for that working industry. So up until now this idea is being used primarily for the American market, but there are suggestions that if successful in America, this idea could also be introduced to the English Facebook market. Will this be helpful in helping to reduce the employment rate, only time will tell, but surely it can't have a detrimental effect...??????  
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