Internet Marketing Goes Social

Social Media Marketing Just Got Bigger!

Social media giants Facebook have had a fantastic few years. Dominating the social media market, they have beaten off fierce competition from the likes of Twitter and MySpace and now it seems they’re hot on the heels of advertising moguls Google too, reportedly doubling their share of the advertising market in just one year. Increasing their market share from 1.4% in 2009 to 3.1% in 2010 (ROI agency ZenithOptimedia), Facebook have seen a steady rise in their advertising expenditure, a sound figure that cannot be boasted by all. In fact, Facebook were the only company to see a continuous rise in advertising sales between 2006 and 2010 – even Google didn’t quite manage it! Offering businesses a unique way to advertise, Facebook is a fantastic place for brands looking to expand their online presence with clever Internet Marketing techniques. With the opportunity to precisely target the desired user, businesses across the globe are moving towards Facebook and making social media a major part of their Internet Marketing campaigns. Creating Facebook pages and applications enables first-hand interaction with customers and the option to advertise directly on the site is a fantastic way to gain traffic to fan pages and commercial websites. Looking set to take over Yahoo’s share of the advertising market in the next year, Facebook is the place for businesses looking to invest in a new form of Internet Marketing. The introduction of Facebook shops over the past year has cemented the success of the site even further, providing users with a chance to socialise, shop and interact with their favourite brands all in one place. A crucial part of any up-to-date Internet Marketing strategy, Facebook looks set to get even bigger than it already is making it an Internet Marketing tool you’ll really want to take notice of.

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