Social Media Marketing: How to Maximise Your Organic Reach

A recently published report has revealed that organic reach through Facebook has dropped by almost half – a whopping 49%. Brand posts now have an average reach of just 6 percent, and with the future holding the same for Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, companies are facing an uphill struggle when it comes to getting their content noticed on News Feeds alone. With organic reach no longer a guarantee it’s easy to be tempted to just pay for advertisements – but there are still powerful ways to get your brand noticed on social networking sites without paying.

Creativity is Key

So the sad fact is that social media marketing is no longer ‘free’ – and those that have been in the online marketing industry a long time will remember a similar time with regards to SEO; it’s steadily gotten much tougher over the years! However, as with many things creativity is key – so take a look at our tips below for making the most of your brand on social media. social media marketing• Don’t just rely on posting to the News Feed to reach followers. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in the development of social media – and online marketing in general for that matter –it’s that engagement is crucial. Don’t just write a post – ask a question, invite people to comment or share, encourage discussions...anything that will create new impressions of your post on your followers’ own News Feeds is a must. • Be active on all your social media accounts. That doesn’t mean you need to be active on every single social network – especially if you don’t have the means to keep them active. But Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube all have their individual benefits and if you only reach a small percentage on each network, that still adds up to a substantial amount of people that are interested in your brand. • Speaking of being active, this is a big one: reply quickly to peoples’ comments and feedback, even if it’s negative. In fact, it’s even more important to reply if it’s negative! There are some great examples online of brands coming back with witty replies to user comments (where appropriate, of course!) and it’s something as simple as this that can make your brand much better known! • Use social for lead generation. It goes without saying that any type of offer or promotion needs to be pushed on social media; people love a bargain and will be happy to share a great offer. What’s more, you can easily monitor how effective the campaign is by checking your website traffic sources.

Rise to the Challenge of Social Media Marketing!

The monetisation of social media has given marketers a new challenge, requiring creative thinking and a unique approach to brand marketing on social platforms. While paid ads are beneficial, engagement with your fans and followers builds brand trust and loyalty – something money can’t buy.

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