Social Media Safety
  Social media can be a tricky, sticky wonderful tool and it goes hand in hand with Internet Marketing and the social technicalities it suffers from. There have been so many stories and reports about social media and the courts, private legal battles and “dirty laundry” being aired to all who care to take a look. There is so many ways to utilize asocial media platform to the best and biggest advantages, however you need to make sure that you don't end up making a social media business faux par en route. Honest posts attract honest people. If you are laid back, not quite horizontal though, you can have a genuine conversation with prospective clients and gain their trust and they will in return trust your brand name. Hard selling and pushy marketing is not what social media platforms are about, take it calmly and every question won't result in a sale, but just think how many will? No spam, spam, spamming! One of the worst offences, yes you can use the useful friend suggestions but don't constantly add every stranger you see all day, every day. People don't like it and social media sites are wise to it and will actually ban you from their sites. A smaller quality audience who are genuinely interested in your products will outweigh results from a business who has twice the quantity in audience, as people who actually want the product or service you offer will look for it, if they are not interested chances are they will never search for it. Confidentiality is key! This is the one that ends up on the front pages, with the headlines “social media site is the platform for a legal battle of wills”. This is unfortunate, however it has been seen more and more over the years, never use a clients name, without asking their full permission and making sure that they understand how you plan to use it. Consumer confidentiality needs to be just that.
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