5 Social Media Tips for Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Give your internet marketing strategy an edge with our top 5 social media tips

It's the phenomenon that's got everyone talking - social media and  guess what? It's here to stay. With more and more businesses turning to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as part of their internet marketing strategy, embracing the trend has never been more important. With so much competition online, setting your business apart from your competitors is crucial, keeping on top of the latest trends and investing in social media is a great way to stay ahead of the crowd and make the most of the wonderful social media opportunities available on the web. But what tips should you keep in mind when implementing social media as part of your internet marketing strategy? 1 - Show your customers the 'real' you Coporate websites can sometimes be so restrictive that customers struggle to find the human-side of your company. While it is important to maintain proffessionalism on your company site, social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter are the ideal place to relax and let your hair down. Share things on a more personal level with your customers and potential new clients to show them that you're human too! Whether someone in the office has baked a cake or you've all turned up to work in fancy dress to support a charity - Facebook and Twitter are the perfect place to showcase your softer side. 2 - Pick one thing and do it well With so many social media sites out there it can be time consuming to keep on top of them all. As part of your internet marketing strategy, choose one site you feel confident using and make it your mission to stick to it, posting relevant and interesting content. Don't worry about the rest of the social media sites out there. Picking one and doing it well is better than trying to juggle several sites rather half-heartedly. 3 - Turn your Facebook page into a lead generator Creating successful leads often relies on collecting data and encorporating it into your internet marketing strategy through email marketing campaigns, targeted marketing, etc. Designing a custom welcome tab for your Facbook page that asks people to 'sign up' for a newsletter or exclusive discounts is a great way to capture information for future use. 4 - Invest in a good looking Twitter page Customising your Twitter page is essential for a clever branding strategy. Familiarising your customers with your logo, colours and imagery is a great way for them to recognise you, so investing in a great looking Twitter page is essential! 5 - Embrace video production One of the most effective social media tools is video. Great for catching the attention of your customers it is the ideal way to deliver a strong message to a wide audience in a short space of time. With Google and other search engines beginning to recognise optimised video content, it is a fantastic way to boost your internet marketing strategy and search engine positions. MonkeyFish Marketing can help your company reach the top! With social media management, Twitter design, Facebook setup and video production on offer as well as our fantastic search engine optimisation campaigns, we have everything you need to make your internet marketing strategy a roaring success. Recommended Services:

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