Social Media Tips to Steal from Brands You Admire

Looking for great social media tips? Take inspiration from your favourite brands...

When it comes to social media, it can be easy to feel envious of some of the bigger brands out there. With their thousands of likes and constant interaction, they are forces to be reckoned with! And although the average business may never quite reach the dizzying heights of brands such as Nike or Coca Cola, there's no reason why you can't at least try... When it comes to great social media tips, more often than not, taking a look at the brands you admire is the best source of inspiration. Think about why you admire them - do they connect with your interests or passions, do they entertain you and engage you or do they provide important and useful information that you don't want to miss? Once you've highlighted the reason why you admire them, (it might be one area from above or all 3) start working on ways that you can emulate their style in your own social media strategies. Be passionate If the brands you admire are passionate about their product, related lifestyle or activities, then be passionate about your own! If you're a graphic designer, share examples of work or exhibitions you love. If you sell interior design products, share home inspiration or 'how to' articles with your followers or if you own a restaurant share recipes and lifestyle advice! Find something you have in common and make the most of it! Show your personality If the brands you follow are engaging and entertaining then inject a dose of personality into your campaigns. Create catchy updates that people love to share - whether it's image-based, video-based or quite simply just witty/quirky banter! Educate! If you're in a position to make a difference, for example you're a charity or even a fitness centre, share information that provokes a positive reaction. Being transparent and sharing useful data can trigger your audience to make a change for the good. Whether it's a donation or a lifestyle change, being an educational source can generate a loyal following for your business. Need additional help and support from a clever online marketing agency who know their stuff? Contact MonkeyFish Marketing today for expert digital marketing services including SEO and social media marketing.
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