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Junair are the UK’s pioneers in spraybooth design, development and manufacture, providing our clients with innovative solutions that ensure higher productivity and enhanced performance. We are widely recognised throughout the UK in producing spraybooths and ancillary equipment that ultimately deliver high performance solutions across a varied range of industries, the automotive, aerospace, industrial and also the commercial market.


We are constantly working hard to ensure that all of our new ground breaking designs, excellence in engineering and our commitment to continue building affordable equipment are continuously at a level distinction so we are still considered throughout the industry as the number one company within our industry. Our manufacturing facility which is based in Heywood has been equipped with all the most advanced computerised equipment, therefore emphasising our constant commitment to training and research development.


The main foundation of our business is the attention that we commit to detail, all of our spraybooths incorporate incorporate the latest energy saving devices, whilst ensuring that the level of quality never falters. We employ a team of highly experienced service engineers who are trained to maintain and service or fix spraybooths of any make, so if you are searching for a new booth, a well experienced spraybooth service engineer or a fantastic deal please feel free to contact us.




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Spraybooth Design