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Stunning Stainless Steel.

MonkeyFishMarketing is an online marketing services company and are working closely with Carter Fabrications to help the public find the answer to their metal work problems and needs. Carter Fabrications are a family run business, with over 25 years’ experience within this sector. Staircases are one of those things that can create the tone and atmosphere within in a building; Carter Fabrications offer a wide range of single and multi-level staircases for the public sector and industrial purposes. All of our exterior staircases and all of Mezzanine floor are galvanised when we install them, as this produces a long lasting finish. Carter fabrications manufacture and fit all of their contemporary staircases, spiral, helical, and multi-level, they fit them all. All of our Mezzanine floors are available in stainless steel, mild steel and glass, so there is a style and finish for everyone. The wide range of designs and finishes makes sure that all of your requirements are met and we can produce your ideal staircase. Balustrading; is a way to set standards. Nightclubs, houses, factories, offices nearly everywhere have some type of balustrading. We can manufacture you ideal balustrading in stainless steel, glass and wrought iron, our designs are all different and we think that we have something to suit every one. We have a wide range of quality finishes we can provide customised work if you require it and we can produce this in glass balustrading, stainless steel balustrading or even wrought iron balustrading. Steel fabrications are sometimes hard to get right and to your specific liking as well as suiting your needs. That is why we use all of our expertise to ensure that you get the exact requirements that you need, cocktail stations; come in a pre-made or a customised design depending on your specification, and we always aim to meet you requirements, as a happy customer makes a happy business. Metal work needs to be done by professionals. They need to know what they are doing and how to handle the materials they are using. That is why Carter fabrications could be the answer to all of your metal work problems; we work with all types of metal including a large amount of steel; Metal cutting, bending and folding are all possible with our specialists and you can know that your work will be done by experts, and be finished with a flair and elegance to suit you.


Glass Balustrading


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Stunning Stainless Steel.