Succeed In Online Marketing By Staying On Top Of Social Media

How to stay on top of social media, by our online marketing experts.

To achieve success in the world of online marketing, you must learn to keep on top of the ever changing trends and changes that occur within social media marketing. Before you know it the layout of Pinterest could have changed, Twitter features been added or removed or Facebook rules altered. So we thought we’d make it easier for our loyal online marketing followers to keep their heads above water with these handy hints. Are you following any social media or online marketing themed blogs? Simply signing up to their RSS feed and spending twenty minutes in the morning catching up on their social media news will prepare for you the day ahead. Webinars, or web conferences, are also excellent social media marketing resources and are easily accessible. Use a quick Twitter or webinar directory search to find that week’s relevant webinars, or compile a good starter list from Webinar Listings. However, one of the best ways to quickly discover what topics are trending is Twitter. One of the biggest players in social media marketing, Twitter is a brilliant way of keeping on top of what’s hot and what’s not in current affairs just by clicking the “# Discover” tab at the top of your page. If you find a relevant trend, utilise it to the best of your ability, but don’t be afraid to search for you own hash tags too, you never know what might have missed the main page! Next, sign up for newsletters. Although most are considered to be spam there are some diamonds in the rough that offer you daily or weekly roundups of everything popular within online marketing, and that includes the vibrant world of social media. Try SmartBrief and SocialFresh for a mixture of the best social media content as well as informative articles. You may be noticing a common theme within these tips – travelling within social media marketing communities. All of these groups and newsletters are curated by like minded individuals who have a wealth of expertise to offer even the most seasoned online marketer, so take advantage of them! You could even search for gatherings and talks on and grab the chance to talk to an expert in person, or sign up to a training course and learn to master social media with help the very best. The possibilities really are endless!
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