How to Create a Successful QR Based Online Marketing Campaign

Five Steps for a Successful QR Based Online Marketing Campaign..

As 2012 approaches and we step further into the 21st Century, QR codes are quickly becoming an essential tool for any successful online marketing campaign. The QR (Quick Response) code originated in the automotive industry where it was used to keep track of parts during the manufacturing process. A type of matrix barcode, the QR code is quick to read and can code both binary and alphanumeric characters. A great way to add an interactive edge to your online marketing campaign, the QR code can be used to provide customers with a contact number, a link to a webpage or an exclusive discount code.

Here are our five top tips for creating a successful QR based online marketing campaign…

1 - Establish a purpose The first step of any successful QR based online marketing campaign is to define a purpose for your QR code. Do you want the code to act as an incentive, providing an exclusive discount for the reader? Do you want to push customers to get in touch with you by displaying an email address or contact number? Whatever the motive, defining a purpose ensures that your QR based online marketing strategy has a direction and a goal to evaluate the final outcome by.

2 - Let your customers know about it Any QR based online marketing campaign is useless unless your customers are aware that it is happening. You've created your QR code, you've defined its purpose and now it's time to let your clients know where to find it and what to do with it. It sounds like a no-brainer but explaining what your code does will encourage your customers to use it. Still a relatively new piece of technology in the world of online marketing - your clients may need a little push in the right direction to ensure that the code is understood and used to its full potential. It doesn't have to be a lengthy explanation. All it needs is a simple call to action, explaining to the customer that all they need to do is 'scan' the code and a short hint at what they may find, i.e Scan our code for exclusive online marketing tips.

3 - Make it a work of art QR codes don't have to take on a generic monochrome look. Opting for a designer QR code can create an interesting new addition to your online marketing strategy or your printed media campaign.

4 - Keep track of its progress The success of any online marketing campaign lies in monitoring its progress. Look at your analytics - if you're sending your customers to an exclusive web page, keep an eye on the average time spent on that page to see whether or not it is a success. Monitor the number of calls you receive if your QR campaign was designed to drive phone traffic. Ask your customers where they found your number and keep a record of how many leads you're getting from your QR code. If your campaign is dwindling, try advertising it further or consider changing the message behind your code to entice a fresh wave of customers.

5 - Rave reviews Look at all the areas of your online marketing campaign to determine whether or not your QR code is a success. Analyse your site traffic and the effect it has on your social media presence. Are you gaining more followers on Facebook or Twitter due to your QR campaign? Are you receiving positive feedback from customers? Are they sharing your content? If so, you're on the right tracks. You've found a medium that works for you and your audience. A successful QR code campaign can have a fantastic knock on effect in several areas of your online marketing strategy.

From website traffic to social media presence, increased sales to better search engine rankings, creating a successful QR code campaign can be both exciting and rewarding. Try our QR code for yourself! Download a QR code reader to your Smart Phone, scan our code above and see where it takes you! Recommended Services:

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